Artists were flexible in the pacing of activities

Characteristically, the artists worked briskly but the activities seemed unhurried. In contrast to lessons where tasks might be cut short by the bell, or teachers create obvious time-filling activities because they have misjudged how long a task will take, the artists demonstrated a very strong commitment to the work that was being created – the dance, the artwork, the story, the play.

On the whole, the rhythm and flow of the activity were important, not speed. This focus oriented the artists towards the present time of the activity, rather than to the future. Changes of direction in the session tended to be driven by the practitioner’s reading of the energy level of the class rather than a time-sensitive plan prepared in advance or any sense of ‘the right moves’ contained in any lesson.

The artists’ emphasis on ‘taking as long as it takes to do it well’ led the students to invest more seriously in the work. This was an important element of the modelling the artists provided.

Video materials

A selection of videos from our Vimeo channel on flexibility in pacing can be viewed below.